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We don't sell software, the software is free (check all component licenses for details).
We sell platforms and services around the software. No "lock-in" will be applied.

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For solopreneurs, students, ...


  • Single user
  • Sharing content with guests
  • Videoconference
  • Wiki
  • Collaborative spreadsheet
  • Kanbans
  • Dashboards
  • Community support


PaaS for growing teams

Free for charity and education, contact us for details


billed annually
  • domain
  • Multiple users
  • Team management
  • Videoconference*
  • Wiki
  • Chat
  • Collaborative spreadsheet
  • Kanbans
  • Dashboards
  • Standard support

Private Cloud

A dedicated Cloud instances with advanced management features


billed annually
  • Team features
  • Workflow integrations
  • Custom domain
  • Identity management
  • Enterprise mail
  • Calendar integration
  • SLA 99,99%
  • Extended storage
  • Priority support


Bespoke solution

─ €

  • All Premium features
  • Chosen deployment mode
  • Enterprise auth
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Bespoke contract
  • Priority support
  • Custom development
  • Customized on-boarding kit
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Not at all. You will need it only if you decide to subscribe to one of our PaaS offers !
A domain name is a short text string that identifies an enterprise, an organization or any kind of resource that you can find on internet. In our case, this will be the root address when users can access Adhocratie services.
Because it will make your work interactions much simpler !
Yes. All invoices are accessible from your subscription space in Adhocratie's Manage UI.
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