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Wellbeing Discussion Template

At Culture Amp, we care a great deal about the wellbeing of our Campers. As such, we not only measure wellbeing in our company-wide surveys, we encourage ongoing discussions about it at all levels throughout the organization. At the Camp & Team levels, we've found Trello to be a fantastic tool to help structure wellbeing retrospective and ideation sessions.

Following a particularly intense six months of work, we decided to run deep dive sessions with specific teams to better understand what went well, what we could've done better, and what we want to start, stop, and continue to improve wellbeing moving forward. To do so, we set up a series of three 1-hr conversation sessions for each team, facilitated by a People Scientist or Team Lead (though anyone could lead the session with a quick, 5-minute training). For each team, we copied our Wellbeing Discussion Template board, added each team member so they could add cards & comments, and we also enabled voting and column ranking power-ups.

Within each session, team members dialed-in via video conference and the facilitator started the session by talking through the agenda & objectives, encouraging candid participation, and ensuring that anything shared would be kept confidential while aggregated themes would be shared with leadership when appropriate. The goal for each session was to give everyone time to reflect, share their experiences and thoughts in cards, ideate, vote on feedback that resonated with them, and talk about everyone's contributions. The Trello board layout makes the workflow of the sessions intuitive but it's helpful to remind team members how to create cards and use the voting feature.

In session #1, our goal was to talk about what wellbeing means to us, share our experiences about what's been working well, and surface the various struggles and challenges we faced over the previous several months. In session #2, we began to do "How Might We" (HMW) ideation to generate ideas on how we might better support ourselves and each other, identify when we're struggling and how to communicate that more effectively, and how we might avoid falling into the same work overload situations we'd previously faced. We typically spent about 5-7 minutes ideating individually and creating cards with our ideas on one HMW topic. Next, we would take 3-4 minutes to review and vote on what everyone had shared, followed about 10-15 minutes of discussion and finding themes in the feedback. We'd then move on to the next How Might We topic. In Session #3, we finished any remaining ideation work, summarized the higher-level themes across the various HMW topics, and committed to take action (using our Inspirations and Action Framework, of course!) on one idea to support our own wellbeing and one idea to support another Camper's wellbeing. In addition to these actions, Mentors (aka, managers) are expected to talk about wellbeing with their Mentees (aka, direct reports) at least monthly during their 1x1 meetings.

With a lot of work, open discussion, and commitment from Campers and leaders, we've seen our wellbeing ratings steadily improving. Most importantly, we've been able to better understand what impacts wellbeing and have made structural and process changes to help prevent excessive workloads and stress in the future while also reinforcing our commitment to supporting each other's emotional, mental, & physical health.

Author : David Ostberg, Dir. of People Science @ Culture Amp

Source : Trello Templates

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