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Weekly Team Meetings

Run Better Team Meetings

Use this Trello board to end the “circle back” cycle! Always make the most of valuable meeting minutes with a clearer agenda, attached decks & more.

Here's what's included, and how to get this team meeting party started:

  1. Meeting Template:
    Copy this list for each new meeting, and change the list name to the date of the meeting. This way, you'll have a clean agenda to start fresh each time. 📚
  2. This Week's Meeting:
    Keep this week's upcoming meeting front and center, so everyone knows who is the lead, who will take notes as the scribe, and what's coming up to discuss. 🌊
  3. Previous Meetings --->:
    Sometimes a list can simply be used as a visual marker to separate this week's agenda from older meeting minutes. 🌊
  4. January 30th:
    Each previous meeting list can stay on the board as a record of what was discussed. You can also archive old lists (you can always bring them back later) or move them to another board for safe keeping. 🔮"

Author : Trello Marketing Team

Source : Trello Templates

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