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Weekly Music Lesson Template

Do you teach an instrument remotely?

This template is for any instructor that teaches an instrument online.

It is first separated by week. And then by tasks to be performed by the student during the week,

  • Completed Song Notes allows you to make any notes on songs that were successfully passed for the week. You can add notes for the student letting them know what they did particularly well in this piece. It helps to build confidence and a foundation for building on going forward.

  • Repertoire Notes will allow you to create tasks based on each piece of repertoire assigned to the student. Depending on the amount of notes, you can create a separate card for each piece of repertoire and further create checkmark tasks associated with that repertoire piece.

  • Theory/Notespeller Assignments Any workbook, theory, app tasks to be completed during the week can be assigned here using checkboxes

  • Practice Times Checkboxes can be utilized here to mark days practiced


  • Invite the student / parent as a team member to have open communications during the week on progress

  • Attach any exercises, sound files, etc. to aid practice

Author : Kyle McGowan, Owner @ Heartland Music Academy

Source : Trello Templates

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