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Travel Planning

Use this board to help plan and execute the perfect trip!

How to plan the perfect trip...

  1. Add all your action items to the ⚠️ To-Do list! Rename and copy the πŸ“ Location Lists as needed.
  2. Start researching and use the appropriate lists as a holding place for favorite schedules/hotels/activities/etc. The πŸ—ΊοΈ Itinerary list is especially handy to plan the daily flow of the trip.
  3. Start booking! Make use of the card templates for flights, transportation, and accommodations.
  4. While on your trip, you can either archive the cards after they are no longer needed or you can use labels to mark them as βœ… Complete.

Use labels, especially on the Itinerary and Location lists!
1. βœ… Complete
2. πŸŽ’ Day Trip
3. πŸ’΅ Payment Req.
4. ⚠️ Alert
5. 🎫 Reservation
6. 🍽️ Fooding

Suggested Power-Ups

  • Calendar - helpful to keep track of all of your bookings and reservations. Make sure you set due dates on the cards to get them added to the calendar.
  • Custom Fields - useful to highlight important details like reservation #s, addresses, and phone numbers for quick access.
  • Map - great, especially for seeing where all the restaurants you want to visit are in relation to your hotel!

Author : Joe Guzik, Traveler

Source : Trello Templates

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