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Travel Packing Checklist


I love using this travel board to help me plan my trip from start to finish. However, this board focuses on packing!

This board providing various suggestions to get you started and some things may not be relevant, but it's listed here for you to consider.

HINT: If you love the packing list ideas, why not check out my Trello Template for Travel Planning.

The board explained

This board has the following key sections (columns):

  • Essentials/Cabin -these are ideas I need for the flight or journey, or things I really cannot afford to be lost with luggage.
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Medical - it is better to be prepared when travelling, as you may be some distance or time for help medical supplies you need.
  • Done - gives me great satisfaction completing each task and i move completed or done task to this column.


Everyone has a different perspective, so if you have any ideas to improve this travel packing board, please email kelvin (at), and I'll look at updating this board to share with others.

Author : Kelvin Baggs, Travel Enthusiast

Source : Trello Templates

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