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Use this timesheet to record the working hours of your employees. Your employees can easily record their hours in the main view under the appropriate name, so that you always have an overview.

Further functions of the time sheet:

  • You can switch between different views as required. The main view "Employee view" is sorted by employees. In this way you can see how many hours which employee has worked. The hours are automatically summed up using a formula so that typing errors cannot occur.
  • The total hours worked per month are displayed in the "Month View".
  • You can also easily create an individual overview for each employee. The "Hours: Eva-Maria Brand" view shows you all the hours recorded by Eva-Maria Brand. Just add a view and filter on the appropriate name in the Employee column.
  • With the grouping function, you can easily filter according to the different columns in your tables in order to obtain specific information quickly and clearly.
  • Statistics can also be helpful. You would like e.g. B. know which of your employees worked the most overall? Take a look at the statistics area at the top right. Here are a few sample statistics. At the top right, the total hours worked per employee. The table below could also be useful, it shows you which employee worked for which days and for how long. Create your own statistics tailored to your needs in order to be able to call up the required information clearly and quickly.
  • Last but not least, the "Employees" table gives you an overview of your employees with contact details and the hours recorded in each case.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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