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The Home Workout Organizer

The same board featured in my Fast Company story, 7 Exceptional Apps to Optimize Your Work-From-Home Life:


Since I’m not able to go to the gym at the moment, I started using Trello to track and organize my at-home workouts. I created a new board called “Home Workout” with columns for each type of exercise and cards containing every viable option within each of those areas.

Every few weeks, when I’m shaking up my routine, I simply choose one new option from each exercise area and click a special “Add to Workout” Butler button I placed within its card. With that single click, Trello adds the current date onto the card — so I can keep track of when it was last used — and then copies the card to the bottom of a “Current Workout” column.

I also added in a board-wide Butler button called "Clear Workout." When I click it, all cards in the "Current Workout" get shifted over into an "Old Workouts" column so I have an easy way to see what I've done recently.

Staying fit has never been so delightfully nerdy!

Notes and Tips

  • I left some of the specific exercises I collected as a starting point, but you'll obviously want to find ones that actually make sense for you — for your fitness goals and also for the level of equipment you have available in your home. The Nike Training Club app ( is a great resource for getting started; it has tons of genuinely challenging exercises designed for all ages, fitness abilities, and amounts of time available. And its expanded premium service is available to use completely free right now.
  • Use each card's description to keep track of how many reps or how much weight you worked with for each exercise, every time, so you can then pick back up where you left off the next time. And use that field, too, to leave yourself notes, links, and reminders about proper form and technique.
  • Use the Custom Fields Trello Power-Up ( to create a "Last used" field for tracking when each exercise was last in your routine.
  • The labels on each card may seem redundant in their current lists, but once you copy exercises over to your "Current Workout" column, they'll help you see at a glance which exercise is targeting what area.
  • Click one of the labels — on any card — to expand all of the labels and be able to see their full text from your main board overview.
  • Steal this same structure and use it to set up similar systems for house-cleaning tasks, child-related chores, or any other newly relevant items on your stay-at-home agenda!

Author : JR Raphael, Founder/Author @ Android Intelligence

Source : Trello Templates

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