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Technology Roadmap

With the “Technology Roadmap” template, you can structure and evaluate your development process in different stages and assign employees to the correct project tasks with ease.

More functions:

  • The template offers 2 views: The "Release" view shows your roadmap, on which your entire project is based. It shows which milestones your teams still have to master. The "Effort" view helps you to identify bottlenecks and to fill them adequately.
  • From the “Supervisor” worksheet, your team can quickly obtain all important information about team members in order to stay in contact. At the same time, it serves as a selection list for the supervisors for the “Initiatives” area.
  • You can work on a project with several teams and employees at the same time, ensuring that every employee knows the relevant tasks.
  • All users have the option of exchanging files and notes centrally without having to switch to another cloud system. This saves time and nerves because everything the employee needs can be found in one place!

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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