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Teaching: Weekly Planning

Trello is my favorite digital organization tool, and I use it to organize basically everything in my life.

It essentially consists of “cards” that you put into “lists” on a “board”. I make a board for each class I teach where the lists are the weeks of the semester (including the week before and after) and the cards are things I need to do for my class each week. There’s also a “Done” list that cards get moved to as they are completed.

For me, Trello solves four major productivity challenges related to teaching:

  • Keeping track of all the little details
  • Keeping track of beginning and end of semester events
  • Giving myself enough prep time and grading time for major assignments
  • Coordinating with my co-teachers

I've written a few blog posts about how I use Trello in the classroom, click here to learn more!

Author : Emma Trentman, Associate Professor of Arabic @ University of New Mexico

Source : Trello Templates

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