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Support Ticket Management

Here is a template that I use everyday to manage incoming IT requests in my company.

Email to Board
Once you have setup the email to board feature, you can receive new requests straight to the board!
My company uses Google Suite, so I have the Trello board email address set up as an alias to an IT support email address and the requests come straight through to the board. I have also set it so that any emails to the Trello board email, are put straight into a folder so it doesn't clog up the inbox.

Email to board setup

There are labels named with priorities, low, medium and high, as well as a "requires approval" label that can be used for things that perhaps require permission, such as making purchases.

Airtame Trello App
We have Airtames in our office and I use the Trello integration to display my IT Support board on a TV so that other members can see what's going on.

I hope you find this template as useful as I do!

Author : Sam Phelps, IT & Systems Administrator @ Journey

Source : Trello Templates

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