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Sales Pipeline

A simple and actionable way to keep track of deals and close new business. All deals which require an action should be added to this sales pipeline tracker.

How to use this board:

Card Creation

  1. Create a card when you have a lead which required future action.
  2. Name the card by the customer's name.
  3. Label the card by the product/plan they wish to purchase.
  4. Add the owner of the deal as a Member on the card.
  5. Add a due date for the next required action (e.g. emailing the customer.)
  6. Add a direct link to the conversation channel for this deal (e.g. CRM/Gmail/Support Desk Software).

Sales Person

  1. Pay attention to deals which have an upcoming due date.
  2. Keep leads active by actioning an item on the due date.
  3. Always add a new due date after actioning an item. (all cards should have a due date unless the deal is lost.)

Keep it simple ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Author : Scan2CAD

Source : Trello Templates

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