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Sales Funnel powered by Smart Fields

This template is based on the CRM Pipeline template and is demonstrating the power of Smart Fields.
For this board we have created 3 Smart Fields:
Revenue, Expenses and Profit. When you enter Revenue and Expenses, Profit is calculated automatically. Also, Sum of Profit from all cards in the list is displayed in the list title.

  • Create a pipeline for managing incoming leads or requests that is adaptable to your team’s needs for any type of contact or customer relationship management.
  • Organize contact info and notes on each lead’s card.
  • Keep assets in one centralized location by attaching all the relevant materials, like emails and follow-up requests to cards.
  • Keep business development on track by assigning team members and due dates to tasks, then watch as they move the card through the process from “Incoming” to “Done.”
  • This process can be adapted to an incoming ticketing system for any contact or user management: Capturing Sales Leads, Customer Support tickets, etc.

For more Trello sales tips check out the Trello Sales playbook.


Author : Vitaly Andrianov, developer @ Smart Fields

Source : Trello Templates

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