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Retail Sales Pipeline

At Mike's Bikes we pride ourselves on a customized experience for every person who comes in looking to purchase a new bike!

We use Trello to maintain our sales pipeline across all 12 of our retail locations. This allows the entire company to be on the same page and it streamlines our process.

Each time a new person comes into a store and is interested in a bike they are added via a form that creates a new card in Trello. We utilize a direct integration between Trello and Jotform that you can learn more about here.

We chose Trello because our sales cycle is a lot different than selling software, and we wanted to be able to democratize the process across our sales and operations teams. It's also awesome that everybody at Mike's Bikes HQ can see what is going on in each retail location.

Author : Mike's Bikes

Source : Trello Templates

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