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Research Iteration


Welcome to your first Pivotal Research Iteration! I know you're excited to learn from users and turn insight into action – but you might not know where to start, or have any time to prepare. Don't worry! I've got everything you need to do in five handy checklists (including time estimates). You will be documenting your research process as you go, so sharing this iteration's research goals, insights, and next steps will be as easy as sharing a link.

Getting started

To get started, make a copy of this Trello board.

Then, read through all five checklists in "Instructions + Checklists" and a few of the best practice cards in "Best Practices". The best practice cards contain tips and examples to improve your practice and avoid rookie mistakes. Then, start working through the "Before research starts" checklist #25.

You'll find instructions to fill out the goals, documentation, participants, quotes, insights, and action items lists as you complete the checklists. At the end of the iteration, move completed action items to the "Done" list.


This Trello board was created by Jessica Crabb, a Product Designer at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco. The research processes captured here have been adapted from lean and agile methods that Labs designers use with our clients around the world. Learn more about Pivotal Labs here:


  • Kim Dowd
  • The Design Team @ Pivotal Labs SF

Author : Jessica Crabb, Product Designer @ Pivotal Labs

Source : Trello Templates

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