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Reader Manager

For someone who likes to read, I've found it difficult to keep track of the things I have read, what I want to read and suggestions of reading material from other people. Reading apps like Kindle may help but you won't always read everything from there. This board will help you simplify this problem and boost your productivity when reading, whether it's a novel, a programming book, a physics book or a blog.

  1. Met someone who suggested you read a certain book? New Suggestions is the place to put that and it is a good idea to send emails to this board using the Email-to-board feature.
  2. Reading material in the New suggestions list that need to be prioritized first can be moved to To Read section.
  3. Books/blogs that you are currently reading go to Reading section. Write reviews for a book or comments for each chapter/blog in the comment section of that card. Click the "Hide Details" button to keep that area clean.
  4. Everything that you have read/finished reading can be moved to Read section. Card should be moved from Reading list/section.

NOTE: Make use of the labels. You can edit them to suit your needs.

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