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Publishing Process

This board is used by The Telegraph's editorial team to streamline their editorial production process. The board is used in a left to right fashion as cards move through various stages of the content creation process.

1. Ideas & Watching

Create cards here for stories that you may write:

  • Cards will get the default Pre and Post publish checklists
  • Apply a Label indicating the web/print section that the article is for
  • BUTLER automation: Cards will get a default Due date of 5pm today

2. Commissioned

Move cards here once the articles are approved for writing:

  • Assign a Fee and Word Count
  • Update the Due date/time
  • Assign a Writer (use the writer field or assign to a board member)
  • Apply Embargo Label to indicate should not be published before a certain date/time

3. Content Created

Move cards here once the content is written in your Content Management System:

  • Add the Edit link field
  • Carry out Legal Review and Quality Check

4. Scheduled

Move cards here when you have scheduled the automatic publishing of the article at a specific time:

  • Make sure the due date is set to the scheduled date/time
  • BUTLER automation: Move cards to the "Published" list when their due date arrives

5. Published

Move cards here when the article is published:

  • Add the Live link field
  • BUTLER automation: Add the Published date field and mark card as complete
  • BUTLER automation: Archive all cards in this list at 2am every day

Author : The Telegraph

Source : Trello Templates

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