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Project Tracker

Manage every activity of your next project with this simple and clear table. So you always keep the overview and are always in control.

With this template you always have an overview of your ongoing projects.

Functions of the project tracker template:

  • You can enter the phase of your project, the deadline and the priority. The "Tasks" column is linked to a data record in the "Tasks" table. Here you can record individual tasks within a project and assign responsible persons. Click on an entry in the "Tasks" column for detailed information on this task.
  • Would you like to see past projects? Click on the “Completed Projects” view. Here, a simple filter in the “Stage” column was set to “Completed”. If your project list in the main view is too long or confusing, you can easily filter out the completed projects here. You can also create a view for each “stage” of your projects.
  • The "Priority" view groups your projects according to priority. This way you can keep track of your most important projects and never miss any deadlines.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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