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Podcast Workflow Template

Welcome to the one-stop-shop for managing your podcast production workflow.

This is the very template we use to organise and run Adaptavist Live and Team Titans podcasts, the top Atlassian ecosystem podcasts.

This workflow is fairly straightforward but you'll find some more information on each step in the top card in each list.

We also highly recommend the Board Export Power-Up by Orah Apps. This Power-Up saves us hours of time over the weeks and a lot of copy and pasting!

Board Export allows you to export the cards you have selected for the current episode in the ("This week" list).

Then, you can easily copy the list of card titles from the exported excel file and paste these directly into your podcast episode details, ready to be uploaded to SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc. No more manually typing or copy and pasting each one individually!

More info on Adaptavist Live Podcasts.

The Adaptavist Live podcasts are a great way to keep up with the Atlassians and learn about the people behind the processes and tools. New episodes of both the Atlassian Ecosystem podcast and Team Titans are published on alternating Fridays. Click here to start listening!

Author : Ryan Spilken, Evangelist @ Adaptavist

Source : Trello Templates

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