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Personal (or Work) Productivity System - Know your Priorities

When you get sucked into the vortex of the to-do checklist, it's easy to lose touch with what really matters to you. A week goes by and you realize you have been completing tasks that are nowhere near your top priorities.

Use this template to maximize your productivity in a way that aligns with your real priorities. This template can be used to manage personal or work tasks (although I find it works best if they are kept as separate boards).

This template will help you:
(1) keep track of your personal or work goals & priorities,
(2) organize and align tasks with your priorities, and
(3) plan your week based on those priorities.

This template can also keep you accountable by allowing you to easily review how your weekly accomplishments stack up against your intended priorities.

Additional Notes:
This board uses Butler to sort lists and automatically add the right priority label to a card. When creating your own board, you may need to amend Butler's rules to capture any updated list and label titles that you choose.

Additional automation could be added with Zapier (to send over emails, for example), but is not currently captured in this board.

Author : Rebecca Lossing, Product Manager

Source : Trello Templates

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