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Onboarding Process For New Hires

At InVision, we take care to ensure that every new hire has a meaningful onboarding experience.

This board helps us keep track of our tasks to welcome and enroll new InVisioners in our company-wide onboarding process program, Xenia. It captures everything from tool setup to personalized emails, and makes it easy for us to quickly move through our process without missing anything.

New hires move from left to right and everybody on the recruiting team gets simple visibility into where people are in the process. The setup of this board also gives you a good bird's eye view and helps indicate if and where bottlenecks in the process may be building.

The "The Card Numbers by Reenhanced Power-Up" gives every card a unique number so we can easily reference the card more easily in conversation. The card numbers are also displayed as a badge on the front of the card which helps at a glance!

Connecting to our team Slack channel ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Author : InVision

Source : Trello Templates

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