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Offsite Planning

Use this template to plan your next team offsite! The whole team has access to this board before, during, and after the offsite to stay informed. Here's an example based on a real offsite the Trello team held in Austin. A few highlights:


Use labels to tag which activities are optional, which apply to facilitators only, and which are important for all team-members to do. You can filter by labels from the board menu, and clicking the label itself reveals descriptive text.

Custom Fields

Displaying fields like "location" and "Arrival Time" on card fronts help provide team members the most crucial information at a glance.


Everyone has an opinion when it comes to food! Turn on the Voting power-up to allow team members to voice their preference for restaurants. (Pro-tip: you can sort a list based on votes, by clicking the three dots to the right of the list name and choosing "sort by.")


Add locations using Google Maps to any of your cards to get an easy location visual for activities throughout the city. This helps you keep track of exact locations, and also plan close-by activities with logistics in mind. (However good that pizza looks, you might not want to cross town at rush-hour to get it.) Click on the 'map' button in the board header for a full map view of all your cards!

Author : Trello Team

Source : Trello Templates

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