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New Year's Resolutions

Trello is a great way to organize all of your New Year's resolutions and goals by identifying the tasks and steps required to achieve success and setting them into an actionable plan.

This is a quick breakdown of the workflow:

  • Every goal has a card in the "Resolutions" list.
  • On each “goal” card there is a checklist for each step required to achieve that goal, as well as a due date for when you hope to accomplish this goal. The Calendar Power-up provides a calendar view for all due dates on the board.
  • To help you break down a whole year's resolutions into actionable steps, you can also use Month lists so you're not overwhelmed by one long to-do list.
  • When you're actively working on a goal, move the card to "Doing This Month." You can check off each corresponding checklist item as you work towards your goal.
  • When you've completed a goal, move the card to the "Done" list and celebrate!
  • Remember, some New Year's resolutions will always be a work in progress, so it's up to you to keep those types of goals in the "Doing" list, or move them to "Done" when you feel the time is right.

Author : Trello Team

Source : Trello Templates

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