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New Test Automation Development Project

This board is to guide the initial tasks necessary for developing a Software Test Automation project. Each card under tasks is in the recommended order of completion and provides details and checklist on the what and why this task needs to be accomplished.

I recommend this is used as a very high level planning tool for the one managing project, and then use a separate board for breaking down each task to completion for the team working on project.

I created this board because in talking to people new to test automation or in a company that is just getting started with automation, the biggest question was "What do we do to get started?"

During the course of my career I've made many mistakes and learned from those efforts and this board can help to make better choices and hopefully make the effort less frustrating.

Any thoughts or tips or additions, let me know. Always interesting in the ideas of others to improve my own processes. Good Luck!!

Author : Monica, MLProductions LLC, Owner

Source : Trello Templates

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