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My Climate Action Plan (MyCAP)

The Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) is a membership-driven nonprofit organization of corporate sustainability leaders implementing and championing tangible climate action. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and working closely with the city of San Francisco, the organization serves as a platform to share climate change programs and incubate collaborative multi-sector engagement, while providing a model to replicate its innovative work.

My Climate Action Plan (MyCAP) is a personal tool for anyone who wants to take action to protect our planet, both at work and at home. Big change starts with small actions. MyCAP will help you understand your carbon footprint and set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound) goals to reduce your footprint and stay accountable for a year of powerful impact. We encourage you to focus on four key impact areas of Food, Transportation, Energy and Waste and how your goals in each area fit in within your community - be it a company, household, city, state, or country.

Share your template with people within your community so you can hold each other accountable. Plus, if you share your template with the Trello community, we’ll give you a month of Trello Gold for free!

Visit the Business Council on Climate Change's website at to learn more about Bay Area membership opportunities.

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