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Montessori Inspired Planning & Homeschool Education

Like many parents I have been faced with home education which is something I hadn't planned or had time to prepare. So I turned to Trello to organize everything I've learned and I'm still learning about Montessori principles.

This board is focused on how to plan and prepare your home to become a Montessori inspired space. Applying Montessori principles helps children learn independently and enjoy learning from their environment. This helps parents find the right home, school and life balance.

How To Use

  • Answer prompts to help you determine your budget
  • Answer prompts to prepare spaces for Montessori principles and activities
  • Use lists of activities and items to get started and add more you discover to keep track
  • Use list of resources to learn more

Though I filled in quite a bit of the items and activities that have helped our family, there's room for you to build off of everything and make it your own to help you and your family stay organized. I post at my blog and instagram about our environment at @Puff Parent.

Author : Bee, owner @ Puff Apothecary

Source : Trello Templates

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