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Meal Planning Board

The old note card rolodex o'recipes is fun, but let’s face it: you’re probably finding most of your awesome new recipes online these days. Use Trello to assist in your weekly menu planning!

  • Create lists for different categories of meals (Seafood, Pasta, sides, etc). Copy the recipe right into the description.

  • Add labels for additional filtering (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc) so that you can use filters when you need to view dietary restrictions.

  • Attach a card cover picture of your gourmet masterpiece for easy searching when you’re ready to make it again.

  • You can also add lists for groceries and days of the week if you want to plan ahead what you’re going to make.

  • Add due dates and enable the Calendar Power-Up to see your meal plans in a calendar view.

Author : Brian Cervino, Product Marketing @ Trello

Source : Trello Templates

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