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Meal Planning

Everyone needs to eat, but no one wants to figure out what's for dinner! Free up your time and energy with this Meal Planning board. You can completely customize it to fit your style and you'll have all of your recipes in one place!

When it's time to make your meal plan, follow these steps:

  1. Have recipes and meal ideas on hand and ready to go by using this board
  2. Check your calendar
  3. Decide what meals work with your schedule and your desire to cook
  4. Make your master shopping list by checking the shopping lists on the recipes you've chosen against what you already have on hand
  5. Go shopping

To use this board more effectively, you can:
- Create lists for different categories of meals (Freezes Well, Family Favorites, Quick and Easy, etc.). Copy the recipe right into the description.

  • Add labels for additional filtering (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc) so that you can use filters when you need to view dietary restrictions.

  • Attach a card cover picture of your gourmet masterpiece for easy searching when you’re ready to make it again.

  • You can also add lists for groceries and days of the week if you want to plan ahead what you’re going to make.

  • Add due dates and enable the Calendar Power-Up to see your meal plans in a calendar view.

Author : Kristen Franks, Owner @ Frankly Organized

Source : Trello Templates

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