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Marc Andreesen Productivity System

Famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen doesn’t keep a schedule. Instead, he uses a productivity system that involves tracking lists and writing tasks on index cards. This board digitizes his system and automates some of the processes, for max productivity on the go.

Here's how to use the lists:

  • Done: Tasks completed today.
  • Anti To-Do List (optional): Anything useful you did today that was unplanned
  • Today: Tasks to complete today.
  • To-do: ‘Must do’ commitments to prioritize.
  • Watch: Everything with a blocker that you need to track.
  • Later: Tasks that aren’t a priority.

Before you go to bed, move 3 to 5 tasks from your To-do list to your Today list. The next day, try your best to complete those tasks. When you complete them, or if you do anything else useful during the day, add the cards to the Done list. At the end of the day, marvel at everything you’ve completed, then archive all the cards in the Done list.

Marc, on The Anti To-Do List: "Writing down things on my Anti-Todo list as I accomplish them throughout the day makes me feel marvelously productive and efficient. Far more so than if I just did those things and didn't write them down. Plus, you know those days when you're running around all day and doing stuff and talking to people and making calls and responding to emails and filling out paperwork and you get home and you're completely exhausted and you say to yourself, 'What the hell did I actually get done today?' Your Anti-Todo list has the answer."

Here's more background on Marc's system and how I made it work for me in Trello.

And read Marc's actual post about personal productivity here.

Author : Bryan Ye, Content Designer @ Atlassian

Source : Trello Templates

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