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Kanban Template

Use this simple Kanban template to keep the engineering team on the same page and moving through work fluidly.

  1. Break down the roadmap by adding tasks as cards to the Backlog list.

  2. Move the cards one-by-one through Design as they becomes more fleshed out. Pro tip: You can enable Power-ups for your favorite design tools like Figma or Invision, in order to easily link and view designs without switching context.

  3. When a card is fully specced out and designs are attached, move it to To Do for engineers to pick up.

  4. Engineers move cards to Doing and assign themselves to the cards, so the whole team stays informed of who is working on what.

  5. Cards then move through Code Review when they're ready for a second set of eyes. The team can set a List Limit (with the List Limit Power-up) on the number of cards in Code Review, as a visual indicator for when the team needs to prioritize reviews rather than picking up new work.

  6. Once cards move through Testing and eventually ship to production, move them to Done and celebrate!

Author : Trello Engineering Team

Source : Trello Templates

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