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Innovation Weeks

Innovation Weeks are extended periods of time set aside to encourage innovation in products, development techniques and the development ecosystem within a company or team. While traditionally Innovation Weeks (and the closely related 20% time) have been targeted towards engineering teams, in reality any team can benefit from time spent creating outside traditional roadmaps or business-as-usual activities.

Things to keep in mind, regarding 20% time and Innovation Weeks:

  • Not every 20% Time project has to lead to shipped features
  • Internal innovation is encouraged – new processes, techniques, libraries
  • Contribution to the larger ecosystem counts too, where it assists the team or company's mission
  • Failing is OK

With this template, participants add idea cards to the board and assign themselves to the one they'll be working on throughout the week. Cards move through the lists to track progress, and at the end, teams work together on a round-up post of what was accomplished during the Innovation Week.

Author : Trello Engineering Team

Source : Trello Templates

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