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Incoming Requests

Facilitate a system for managing company-wide incoming marketing requests without endless email chains. Trust us: your marketing team will thank you with this workflow management system. You can request:

  • Copy edits
  • Landing pages
  • Product samples
  • Graphics and illustrations

Simply add a card with description of what you need under "incoming". Please include all four of the following bullet points to avoid any delays in your request:

  • Context for the deliverable and/or project with as many specifics as possible
  • Deadline for the deliverable
  • Identify whether it's low, medium or high priority
  • Identify whether it's a small, medium or large effort (use your best judgment) — for example, a landing page only requires one team member and can be done quickly; samples that also need to be translated involve multiple team members and take more time.

By doing so you will...

  • Minimize wasted time and confusion by establishing clear guidelines and deadlines for all incoming requests.
  • You'll also get things done by empowering any member of the marketing team to prioritize and delegate requests accordingly.
  • With labels, manage the bandwidth of your team by indicating high to low priority and effort required to balance your team’s time.
  • Always keep colleagues in constant contact with the status of their requests by adding them to their cards to automatically notify them on progress.

Find more marketing templates in our marketing playbook here.

Author : Brian Cervino, Product Marketing @ Trello

Source : Trello Templates

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