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HR Team Learning Tracker

Welcome to the HR Learning Board!

Each member of the HR team has their own list where they can keep track of all of the courses they have completed.

  • Find the course you are interested in taking and COPY (NOT MOVE) it to your board (right click on card, select Copy or Duplicate and then select your name from the list of boards).
  • There you can track your progress, keep notes that you want to share about your feedback on the training and your takeaways that other team members may find valuable.
  • If you find other development opportunities not on this list, you can add a card to the Courses list for others to see.
  • The following labels will help you track your progress as your personal list continues to grow: Registered, In Progress, Completed.

Feel free to add some stickers as flair to your cards!

If a course has a STAR sticker and/or the label Team Assignment, it means that course is what we are collectively working on at the moment.

Author : Grand Hyatt

Source : Trello Templates

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