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HR Management

Keep track of your applicants and your entire application process.

Functions of the HR management template:

  • The “Applicants” table contains all important information about people who have applied. Click the plus button to add a new applicant record. You can upload the applicant's résumé in the "Attachments" field, so your employees have quick access to the documents required for the interview
  • Each record in the "Applying for" field is linked to a record in the "Positions" table, which contains records for the open positions and details about them. Try clicking on a position to quickly get more information about that position.
  • Your HR employees, who are responsible for the application process, can easily give ratings of the interviews and also see how your colleagues rated the relevant applicants.
  • In the “Marketing Manager” overview you will find all data records on applicants for these positions. You can easily create your own overview for each position by adding a view and then filtering for the corresponding position in the “Appling for” column.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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