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Government Onboarding Process For New Hires

Proper onboarding helps ensure positive outcomes for new hires as they complete required paperwork, acquire necessary knowledge and skills, and integrate into agency culture. This board can be customized and used to track tasks to welcome and enroll new hires into our agency during the first days, weeks and months of work. Use it as a starting board and customize to capture all tasks, paperwork, and responsibilities involved in the onboarding process.

Move new hires through the board from left to right to track progress and maintain visibility across all your new hires.

Here’s what’s included, with tips for customizing and using:

  • 6 stages of onboarding: to track tasks from the moment acceptances are received through the end of the first year
  • Employees in Stage Lists: Provides a place to track new hires progress through the 6 stages, tracking task completion for each stage
  • Stage Tasks to Complete: provides a place to track all the tasks that need to happen for each employee

Author : Amy Campbell, Project Manager @ Government Business Results, LLC

Source : Trello Templates

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