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Government Meeting Agenda

Great meetings require great planning. This board is the ideal framework for collaboratively planning your meeting agenda for a regular, recurring team meeting.

The board has 3 main functional areas:

  1. Yellow covered cards: Use this space to store information that is not an agenda item, but may need to be referenced during meeting
  2. Green covered cards: The lists in these spaces capture the agenda items to be covered in the current meeting.
  3. Blue covered cards: Use this space to create a record for each meeting, creating a list to capture meeting notes, action items, and decisions reached.

Other Tips:

  • Use labels to determine which team a given card or action-item belongs to
  • Due dates encourage follow-up in a timely manner
    -As items are discussed move them to a "resolved/finished" list or "future discussion" list

Author : Amy Campbell, Project Manager @ Government Business Results, LLC

Source : Trello Templates

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