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Goals and Tasks - Personal Life

Attractive, simple board for tracking goals, tasks, longer term projects, and other loose ends across your personal life.

How to use this template

  • Any urgent tasks, items with deadlines, or tasks I have committed to that impact another person fall in the first two columns. The remaining columns, on the right side of the quote card, are either not urgent or reference material only.

  • Inbox holds items that aren't immediately clear, such as tasks that require more information or thought to flesh out details and determine which of the other lists is the best place for them

  • Only one label color is used to mark high priority or urgent items for easy visual reference and prioritization

  • Use deadlines sparingly - only for tasks that truly have a deadline - to limit visual clutter

  • I created custom header images for free through It is a fairly straightforward tool that allows you to design all sorts of things and download them as a png file. Good option for customizing your own board if the time frames that I use for myself (and in this template) aren't a good fit for the tasks in your life!

Author : Kristen Koning, Data Analytics Manager @ Ascension

Source : Trello Templates

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