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Go To Market Strategy Template

This board is for our marketing launch plan. If you have any ideas to pursue, please add them to this list. The "To Do" list will contain all of the cards representing ideas/tactics that we are committed to doing. They should all be assigned owners and due dates.

This board will help you...

  • Seamlessly coordinate cross-team go-to-market brand and product launches with a single Trello board.
  • Manage all of your team’s communication, collaboration, files, and media without having to jump through different apps.
  • Clearly see work getting done, who is doing what, and most importantly, what needs attention.
  • Make sure every moving part of the strategy is on track by organizing cards in a calendar view.
  • Execute effectively with a launch day checklist that clearly defines who is doing what and when for faster day-of management.

Find more marketing templates in our marketing team playbook.

Author : Trello Marketing Team

Source : Trello Templates

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