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Game Development Template

Generic Template, mainly aimed at Indie Game Developers.
List title should be self-explanatory, others can be added if required. I occasionally add a 'To Be Removed' list, for instance.

How To Use This Board

To Do
At the beginning of a project, and after any game design documents have been completed, populate the 'To Do' list with any and all tasks that need to be completed.

It is a good idea to use the Design Document as a reference when compiling this list. The cards can contain any important reference information from the design document that is applicable to the task, reducing the need to consult the design document unless absolutely necessary.

As you progress with the project, add any further task that become necessary.

In Progress
When you start work on an item from the To Do list, move it here. Fill in any due date information, if necessary, Use the card to keep notes on progress etc.

Use this list to keep a record of any bugs you find during development play testing, or any bugs that are reported to you by other testers.

Use the card to document any steps necessary to replicate the bug to help you find the problem.

I tend not to move fixed bugs to the Done list, preferring to add "- DONE" to the end of the bug name. This is just personal preference, however.

Simply move any completed tasks to this list for further reference. I find it is better to keep a record of completed tasks, rather than permanently delete the cards.

Good Luck With Your Project!

Author : Richard Ikin, Indie Developer

Source : Trello Templates

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