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Figuring Out Your Podcast Idea

Figuring out the right podcast to create

Depending on how old you are you may have heard someone say hey you should write a book about that. And although the idea of writing a book and giving yourself the title of authors seems great. This is a mountain so few climb. But today we are finding another trend
"You should start a podcast about that"

About this template

This template aims to help you turn the podcast mountain into a molehill. The template itself is broken down into 5 list.

  1. Audience Groups
    This List covers all the topics that you may be interested in blogging about.
  2. Most interested in
    Based on the cards you created which became the most appealing after filling them out
  3. Most Unique
    Of the cards "3 things that set your podcast apart" which cards had the most unique response
  4. Final Options
    The remaining 2-3 topics for the podcast you should start
  5. Winner
    The winning podcast idea lets start the pilot episode

About the Card Template

Every card should start in "Audience Groups" and use the card template. The template breaks down the important parts of a podcast and things you may have to consider right away or down the road. Its a easy way to get a high level look at your potential audience, your presentation style, and what sets your podcast apart. When creating a topic card think if I was trapped in a room with someone what topic can I talk about for hours without losing interest. (Movies, current events, books, games)

Card Title
Something that speaks to the topic of interest ex. a "esports game conversation"

Card Description
More details about what you may cover what interest you in the topic and if you feel like its something you can talk about.

Card Labels
Perhaps based on your title description and maybe even your format, you found that your topic is also related to the most popular topics in podcasting. If it fits provide a label as that could potentially go viral.
| Topic | Color |
| Talk Show | Green |
| True Crime | Yellow |
| Investigative Journalism | Orange |
| TV, Games, Film, Books | Red |
| Sports | Purple |
| Food | Blue |

Card Checklists

What format would I like to use

This checklist covers the style of the podcast multiple styles may apply but limit the checks to what primary style you will use in the majority of your episodes.

3 things that set you apart

Having Googled for your topic what are 3 things that you will do to set you apart, this should cover a value that only you are able to bring to the table.

Card Comments and Attachments
Recommend Going on Instagram and searching for Hashtags in your topic #gettingsomedata. And then taking screenshots of the number of post with that data. Once you have that insight attach the image to a related card. This helps us determine not only the audience size but where we can follow up and create content and who to reach out to as our target subscribers.

Author : Mark Campbell, co-founder @

Source : Trello Templates

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