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Expense tracking

Use this table to keep track of your personal or business expenses. Your employees can easily enter their expenses with a photo of the receipt and add a corresponding category.

Further functions of the expense tracking sheet:

  • In the “Who Paid” view, the groupby function was used to group according to the “who paid” column, so you can see at a glance which employee has paid what and how much in total. In addition, some columns have been hidden in order to make the view clearer. If required, these can be easily shown again by clicking on "hidden columns".
  • Would you like to only display issues of a certain category? The "Clothes" view shows the total expenditure for the clothing category. You can create your own view for any category. To do this, simply click on "Add view", group according to the "Category" column and then filter again in the "Category" column according to the desired category.
  • If you would like to see all issues sorted by category, click on the "Category View", here, things are simply grouped by category.
  • Statistics can also be helpful. Just click on Statistics in the top right corner. Here you will find sample statistics that clearly show you which category consumes the most budget. A monthly view can also be useful, for example to illustrate seasonal fluctuations.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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