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Employee onboarding

Use this template to track the entire onboarding process of your newly hired employees. Every newly hired employee receives this template in order to keep an overview and to be able to see important information of the onboarding process at all times.

Functions of the onboarding template:

  • The template serves the newly hired employee as an overview of their to-dos and onboarding appointments. They can tick off themselves when the tasks have been completed or the appointments have taken place.
  • The notes explain in more detail what this onboarding process is all about.
  • The linked table "Onboarding Resources" is used to store important manuals or documents that are important for the first days, weeks and months and to make them accessible to the new employee.
  • The linked table Team Members shows the employee the individual team members with contact details and also the respective contact person for the corresponding onboarding process.
  • If the employee would like to receive a chronological overview of the processes, he can have this displayed in the "chronological overview". Here it was simply grouped according to the "when" column.
  • The “Complete / Not Complete” overview helps you to quickly see which onboarding processes have not yet been completed. Here, the “Complete” column was grouped in order to clearly show what still needs to be done.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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