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Design Project Board Template

About us:
POLYGON: Human-Centered Space Design is an architectural design team.

This is the template our company uses for project collaboration. We keep it simple so that our team can focus on getting items reviewed and done quickly.

Rules on moving cards:
1. Team members can move items from To Do to Work In Progress when they will start. Keep WIP minimal.
2. Team member can move the card from WIP to Review.
3. Team leaders can move items from Review back to To Do when there are revisions.
4. Team leaders can move items from Review to Done.

Other Lists:
If team members have any issues that they want to bring up, they can add a card under the Review List.

Use the Supplier List to Keep track of Items that the clients will purchase outside of their contract with the general contractor.

We use the Slack Power-up but only to notify when checklists or due dates are done. Otherwise, it will be chaotic.

Author : POLYGON: Human Centered Space Design

Source : Trello Templates

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