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Design Huddle

This is a board used for reviewing design concepts as a team. It can be used on a regular basis to give feedback throughout a project to inform further design thinking.

Design critique is a tenet of any good design practice. Critique helps us gather diverse perspectives on our work, strengthen our craft, push ideas forward, and ultimately get better results. And, as new teams emerge at Trello and our design team grows, it’s all the more critical that we have a process for spotting inconsistencies and building on each others’ work.

The nice thing about design huddles is that they encourage collaboration and feedback throughout the creative process. This means the team is able to be a part of the design process and give input at crucial moments.

Read more about how we do design huddles at Trello, then try one yourself!

Author : Courtney Drake, Design Manager @ Trello

Source : Trello Templates

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