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Customer Survey

From time to time, you would like to hear from your customers. This template helps you to start a basical survey. You can not only create column types like text, long text, single select, etc., but also set up conditional questions in the forms setting. SeaTable is convenient to start a form from a table. The highlights of this template are:

  • In the columns "In which industry do you work?" and "What's your occupation?", 

the SIC and SOC 2-digit codes are already included as single select options

(83 options in SIC and 23 options in SOC).

  • A form is included

, in which the questions "Why wouldn't you recommend us?" and "You are not sure. How can we improve?" are set to be only shown when the answer to the question "Would you recommend us?" is "No" or "Not sure".

  • In case you would like to run a random prize draw to select winners from the participants, SeaTable script will help you. Refer to the 

SeaTable Scripts Programming Manual

. We have published an article 

Realizing Custom Applications with SeaTable Scripts


guide you through the process step by step to establish a script

to choose 5 random winners.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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