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Customer Support Template

Manage all customer relations with no code, no email client, entirely inside Trello.

Here's how our Hipporello template helps you:

  • A support request form is filled out or an email is sent to your support address (read on to learn about email to board function) and a card with all of the form information is created in the Incoming Support Request list.
    (Tip: You can communicate with your customer directly from inside the Trello card)
  • Relevant members are added to the card and moved to the Assigned list.
  • When the team members start the work on the request, they move the card to the In Progress list. The Awaiting Approval label can be used when review is needed.
  • Once the support request is resolved, a member moves the card to the Resolved list.

The magic touch Hipporello brings:

Can you imagine how easier life would be if you could just manage all your customer relations in Trello boards? Without the hassle of getting a web page online to receive submissions. Without the going back and forth to your email client. Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer.

You can do all these with Hipporello, without ever going outside Trello:

  • Create your custom forms or use our templates to receive information from your customers.
  • Receive customer emails and form submissions as cards in your Trello board.
  • Communicate with your customers directly from inside their Trello cards. No need to switch to your email client over and over again.
  • Each form submission of each customer is handled inside their unique cards, conveniently maintained over the same ticket, without leaving Trello once.
  • You can create a shared inbox, set up a company email ending with
    (at)yourcompany(dot)hipporello(dot)net. You can forward your emails to this address. Emails sent to this address appear as new cards on your Trello board, containing all the information in the email.

Here’s a board template we use as the Hipporello team to handle our customer relation processes. You can use this board with the Hipporello power-up to start receiving customer information in a matter of minutes. Our form templates are easy to customize according to your needs. It’s also just as easy to start from scratch to create your own tailor-made forms.

I hope you already have ideas on how Hipporello can benefit your business.
We’d love to know what you think.
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Author : Hipporello Team

Source : Trello Templates

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