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Customer Support Knowledge Base

This Trello board is created for the Customer Support Team to make their work more comfortable and effective. They can easily find the information needed and submit a request to the Science Team in case there is a necessity.

At Futura Genetics we use Trello to manage different fields of our work. One of them is customer support. We have to manage a lot of information about our product and ordering process and deliver it to the customers. Trello board allow us to store texts/links/images and organize them well, so they are easy to find.

The most important part of customer support board is Requests list. When CS manager got the request they cannot solve by themselves, they create a card there and get the answer from the Science team or IT team as soon as possible.

The responsible members from Science team and IT team are subscribed to this list, so they see the request instantly.

Author : Lana Panchuk, Marketing Manager @ Futura Genetics

Source : Trello Templates

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