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Customer Success Management

This board provides a shared space for a customer success manager and customer to track details related to a software deployment. Make a board to manage each customer relationship.

  • The leftmost list, "Highlights", provides continuous visibility into key documentation and notes surrounding how to use the board.
  • The "Agenda Items" list allows CSM and customer to collaborate in building out the agenda for each of their recurring meetings. It also serves as a space where both can take notes and track follow-ups.
  • The "Projects/Initiatives" list tracks customer projects, helping to bring visibility into various initiatives and the ways in which the CSM can help. The same is true for "Third Party / Integrations".
  • The "Feature Requests" list helps CSMs and customers to track outstanding requests, progress, and details around how to prioritize them. The same is true for "Bugs".
  • Lastly, the "Completed" list provides an archive of sorts for projects, bugs and feature requests that have been completed and are no longer actively being tracked. This helps to keep other columns cleaner and more focused on current priorities, and also helps to highlight past progress.

Author : Chris Wheeler, Enterprise Customer Success Manager @ Iterable

Source : Trello Templates

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