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Customer Onboarding

With the "Customer Onboarding" template, potential customers have the option of registering on your website using an online form. Your support or sales team receives the request automatically and can continue to look after the customer either by phone or via email marketing.

More functions:

  • You can have the customer fill out the online form according to your wishes. Simply add text fields for name and address, drop-down selection lists for a product selection or checkboxes for subscribing to a newsletter.
  • The 3 pre-made views are tailored to your team:

  • If a customer would like a telephone consultation on your product, the customer and their request are displayed to their employees in the "TeleSupport" view in order to contact them.

  • In the "Newsletter Mailing List" view, all customers who would like to receive further news from your company are automatically listed. Your employees can now maintain the information on potential new customers without much effort.
  • The last view shows you an overview of all registrations made in your form.

Keep an eye on your employees with targeted statistics. Check out what to expect there!

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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