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Customer Feedback

With this template you can keep track of your customer feedback. You can evaluate which features your customers particularly like and where there is still room for improvement. Get a lot of valuable knowledge about your products.

Functions of the customer feedback template:

  • You can enter the most important answers to product-specific questions for each participant in the table, at the same time you can store the entire completed feedback sheet in the "Feedback File" column in order to be able to view more detailed information if necessary.
  • The “Ratings” view was grouped according to general satisfaction with the product. Here you can immediately see which customers were particularly satisfied and which were not. You can contact dissatisfied customers directly for further insights. Columns that are irrelevant for this view have been hidden. If necessary, you can display the information you want by clicking on "Hidden columns".
  • Statistics and tables can also be helpful. Click Statistics in the upper right corner for clear insights. The “Ratings” statistic shows you the satisfaction of your customers at a glance. In the table "Favorite Features" you can see which features of your product are particularly popular. With a click on "Create statistics" you can create statistics tailored to your needs.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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